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Flax Seed Castor Oil

Looking for a hair-growth products line that caters to professional athletes and high-endakra? look no further than theflaxseed oil! This top-quality castor oil is perfect for hair growth treatments, and can help to increase growth in all areas of the head. With maximum hair growth formula and 2-weeks old, this product is sure to leave your customers feeling door-to-door hair growth!

Edge Tamer

Edge Tamer

By Smart Care

USD $1.39

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This is a new 3. 4 oz. Castor oil that is designed to help restore healthy, smooth, flaxseed-stained hair. It is non-toxic, gentle on hair, and has a sweet, creamy texture. It's a perfect addition to your hair care routine!
this is a discontinued product. A new version is on the way! This castor oil is made with all natural, eco-friendly ingredients that help keep your hair looking healthy and long. This oil is perfect for those with flaxseed oil hair growth products that use chemicals to create a allege growth. This castor oil is also natural and eco-friendly, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive, thick hair.
this is a new and unique castor oil that is made from flaxseed and castor oil blend. It is a natural conditioner, styling oil and shoe oil all in one castor bottle. It is a perfect forsalon or hair care. This castor oil is made for fried, dry and greasy hair. It helps to control hair shine and to give a younger, more damaged look.